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Embarrassing mold and moss?
Health concerns?
Kids on board?
Does your boat deck look more like your garden?
Or is it 'just time' to get it cleaned?

We use environmentally friendly cleaners! You can drive your boat to one of our locations -DUSTY'S LANDING or DIETZ'S
LANDING-or we will come to your house or boat dock! pick from one of the following packages:

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I need my carpet and deck cleaned!

Rid your boat of moss, mold and grime! Power wash the deck and sides of boat (Inside and outside)

Price: $130


It's been a while since I cleaned my boat!

Package #1 PLUS clean the seats, upholstery, bilge area and exterior of motor

Price: $150


I really want my boat looking great this year!

Package #2 PLUS removal of contents under seat, clean storage areas, under the seats and place a Vinyl Protection on seats

Price: $175